Founder & Therapist

Yuko Niizeki

Yuko Niizeki

May more and more people lead
happier and healthier lives…

Place of BirthYokohama
HobbiesSnowboarding,Mountains, Indian music, Traveling
Special SkillsForeign Languages
Experience as a therapist8 years


・Board Certified Acupuncturist
・NPO Manual Therapist Accreditation Association of Japan Certification
・SAT Certified Manual Therapist
・Thai Government Accredited Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital School of Thai Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

Why I Became a Therapist

Through overcoming knee injuries, back pain various other bodily discomforts I naturally started studying and becoming familiar with the human body. Thanks to manual therapists and physiotherapists I was able to get back my freedom of movement and go back to doing the things I love in life such as snowboarding.

I was invited by a friend to start working as a massage therapist, and soon after had an A-ha moment where experience and knowledge merged into one, and I realized that I could tell the exact stimulation the client’s body needed without them telling me so. That was the moment I decided to become a body specialist.


Message to Clients

My mission is to help people suffering from similar discomfort and living with injuries to regain mobility and enjoy the things they love to do in life.

Many of my clients who come to see me have lost their physical freedom due to chronic pain, injuries and stress. I find joy in serving such clients in need and sending them home feeling lighter and moving better.


My Specialities

I specialize in releasing tension by applying just enough stimulation needed for that client at that particular moment in time with pinpointed accuracy.

What I Keep in Mind Everyday

I listen carefully and aim to provide bodywork that is suited to the goals of each client.






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