Niseko Bodyworks Relaxation Massage Therapy Making You Feel Better Again

Results-Oriented Massage Therapy Making You Feel Better Again

Regular Covid-19 PCR Testing

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we are taking the following precautions as well as taking monthly PCR tests.
Both Yuko and Eri have tested negative. (Updated September 2, 2021)


Improving Performance by Reducing Stress

Stress from everyday life can build up. You may be experiencing shoulder pain, back pain, headache, eyestrain or a general sense of fatigue. It can get in the way of work and it may affect your physical performance. Are you letting your physical restrictions get in the way of the things you've always wanted to do but given up on because you didn't feel like you were capable? Niseko Bodyworks is here to help you.

Improving Performance by Reducing Stress
Results-Oriented Massage Therapy Catered Specially to Your Needs

Results-Oriented Massage Therapy Catered Specially to Your Needs

At Kiranoyu Onsen Massage we use various methods to meet the needs of each individual client. We incorporate Trigger Point Therapy, Oriental Meridians based Acupressure Therapy, and stretching techniques based on Traditional Thai Sen energy lines. Each therapy session aims at stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems leading to the regulation of your body temperature and revitalizing the natural power of the body to heal itself. Realigning your body by releasing tension from muscles and loosening fascial adhesions will not only restore your body's innate balance but will also relieve you of shoulder and back pain. Your body will regain its freedom of movement allowing you to perform better at sports.

Niseko Bodyworks - Professional Hands You Can Trust

We are dedicated to the happiness and wellbeing of our clients and continue to be a trusted bodycare provider within our community. We take great care in providing the best-suited therapy for each individual person paying special attention to their personal needs. We aim to keep our community healthy by providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere conducive to helping people meet their own wellness goals. May more and more people find freedom through their bodies and be healthy and happy!

Change your health change your life

Feel the Difference

Hot Spring + Relaxation Massage Therapy = Stress Reduction Energy Revitalization Improved Performance

Price List(tax inclusive)

Relaxation Courses

・20min Mini Massage 2,500 yen
・40min Basic Relaxation Massage 4,000 yen
・50min Premium Relaxation Massage 5,000 yen
・80min Ultimate Relaxation Massage 8,000 yen
Sessions may be extended by an extra 10mins for 1,000 yen on all courses except the Ultimate Relaxation Course which is 500 yen for an extra 10mins.
(Depends on availability)

Bodywork Courses(Sat & Sun Only)

Manual Therapy Course (40-50 mins) 5,000 yen
Recommended for alleviating specific discomfort such as backache, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, headache, whiplash and knee pain. Aimed at recovering range of motion by manipulation and muscle stimulation. Keeping your goals in mind, we strive to provide long term results.

Reflexology Courses(Tue & Wed Only)

Foot Reflexology 40mins 4,000 yen
Foot Reflexology 20mins 2,500 yen
Restores psychophysical balance in the body by reducing fatigue and boosting metabolism and energy levels. Eliminates toxins, increases blood circulation and improves nerve function and brain power.

- Additional 500 yen onsen fee needed.
- Home visits also available. Please inquire.

Relaxation Massage

Booking Your Session




Book online or on site at the Kiranoyu Onsen and choose your preferred course.




For your first session come 5 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out your registration form.




Your therapist will ask you a few questions regarding your body and what you hope to achieve from your session.




Based on the consultation you will receive a treatment catered especially for your needs.

Our Team

Yuko Niizeki

Yuko Niizeki

Body specialist and founder of Niseko Bodyworks.
Helping people to be healthy and happy.
There was a period in my life where I was not able to do the things l love such as snowboarding because of back pain and knee injuries. Thanks to manual therapists and physiotherapists I was able to get back my freedom of movement allowing me to play sports again.
Through this personal experience, I decided to become a body specialist. My mission is to help people suffering from similar discomfort and living with injuries to regain mobility and enjoy the things they love to do in life.
Many of my clients who come to see me have lost their physical freedom due to chronic pain, injuries and stress. I find joy in serving such clients in need and sending them home feeling lighter and moving better.

・NPO Manual Therapist Accreditation Association of Japan Certification
・MTAA Accredited Ai Therapist School Graduate
・Thai Government Accredited Shivagakomarpaj & Old Medicine Hospital School of Thai Massage (Thai Massage Therapist and Reflexologist) Graduate

Eri Kikukawa

Eri Kikukawa

Hello I'm Eri Kikukawa.
Are you listening to the signs that your body is giving you through pains and discomfort? If you are I can help you.
After going through a period in my life where I too was struggling with my health, I started to take great interest in the mind and body. Fate led me to oriental medicine and I have been studying the ancient healing techniques ever since. I feel that deep relaxation is not only a deeply comforting experience, but it also plays an important role in the maintenance of your health. The "feel good" sensation resulting from treatment also promotes a positive mental outlook as well.
My wish is for everyone to lead their lives in comfort and I am happy to help people do just that.

・NPO Manual Therapist Accreditation Association of Japan Certification
・MTAA Accredited Ai Therapist School Graduate
・JHRS Japan Reflexologist School Graduate
・TTC Thai Spa Therapist School Graduate
・TMC Thai massage Level 3 Certification


Q1Should I take an onsen (hot spring) before or after the session?
A1For our relaxation courses we recommend you take one before the session. Better circulation throughout the body will allow you to have a deeper relaxation experience. For our Manual Therapy sessions we recommend you come before an onsen as body patterns for understanding the cause of the issue may be easier to detect that way.
Q2What should I wear to the session?
A2Please come in loose comfortable clothing. Avoid skirts and tight pants.
Q3Can I extend my session on the spot?
A3Yes, if there are no bookings after that.
Q4Do you accept credit card payments?
A4We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards as well as cash. You can also pay by Paypay or auPay.
Q5Are there any circumstances when I should not request a treatment?
A5We may ask you to refrain from receiving massage therapy if you have a fever, a contagious disease, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or have had recent surgery. A full list of these can be found on the booking site when you make a reservation.
Q6Are you taking any precautions regarding COVID-19?
A6We have been observing the following precautions to ensure that the spread of the COVID-19 virus is minimized as much as possible.
- All staff and guests to wear a face mask before and after each session
- Change face sheets and face towels after each guest
- Sterilize utensils with alcohol after every session
- Guests must sterilize their hands
- Guests must have their temperature checked


I felt at ease recieving the treatment

I felt at ease recieving the treatment


Will sleep well, now that I am free from shoulder pain

Will sleep well, now that I am free from shoulder pain


Feel much better. Was given detailed explanations on the treatment

Feel much better. Was given detailed explanations on the treatment



What's New

-Kiranoyu Onsen Massage-

Open Hours 12:00 - 21:00
Closed on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays except August to October
※Open year round
※Additional 500 yen onsen fee needed
33 Aza Chuo Dori, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
Adjacent Resting Area